Designing A Life

So, I’m sitting at work, rendering some motion graphics in the background, and building a blog! Thanks to Scott Dinsmore @ for the prompting. It never occurred to me how this could really be a great sounding board for my ideas, making new connections, etc.

My goals for this blog are quite simple:


That’s it really!

If there were one reason I could point to as to why my other blogs died, it’s because I honestly didn’t want to reveal myself to the world. At the time, I felt unworthy, fundamentally “broken” in some way, and like an alien walking the planet.

That has since changed. :)

I’m choosing the name “All Things Luke” because this is a place where I can put all my random things; whether it’s art, animation, video…crazy ideas I write down at 1am…you get the idea.

Currently, I’m taking part in an online course called “Moving Beyond Stuck” with Roger Nix (, and we’re being introduced to the concept of “creating a life worth living.” It is really exciting to me, and my intention for this blog is to also showcase my journey of personal growth.

My focus is now more on the process of growing, rather than trying to reach some point in the future, or be Perfect(TM). It really keeps me from taking risks, and trying new things…like this blog.

So, here’s to leaning into my fears and exploring new possibilities! Stop editing this and publish, Luke!

2 thoughts on “Designing A Life

  1. Hi Luke,

    I found you commenting while reading Persis’s post on how to connect with anyone forum. I also have added you as a friend in the forum. Looking at your site name, I 100% sure that you’re throwing every thing you knew into your blog, discussing wide area of topics. So I jumped right away, and found myself true :)

    I’ve been facing the same problem as you were before, until now. I “left” my blog empty because I really don’t have any confidence to write things I knew. I know so many things in general cause I always attracted, or distracted to learn something new to me. Often times I felt unworthy because I don’t consider myself as an expert.

    I’ve taken online business building courses since 2005 and I feel damned why I haven’t have any successful online business. They always talk about niche niche niche, which is meant to me that I must be an expert in it.

    Your blog, especially this post has inspired me to take actions. Simply to make it grow is wonderful idea to kick my ass out to fill in my blank blog. Thanks for the idea and keep growing.
    Apologize if you find typo or confusing word or grammar, English isn’t my 1st language and I live in Indonesia. It is very nice to meet you

    Best Regards,
    Alva Reza

    1. Thank you Alva!

      I totally understand what you mean, as I don’t consider myself an “expert”. It’s just my experiences and as long as one person can be inspired, think a little, or relate I’ve done my part. At least for now, who knows where this is going? :)

      Glad it’s helped you! Hope to visit Indonesia someday soon! :)

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